Error 0x80004003: Something Unexpected Happened

If you’re prompted with an error message displaying “Something Unexpected Happened, Error 0x80004003” it means your computer has malfunctioned. The malfunction can be either hardware or software-related going with how different Windows users have been reporting their experience with error code: 0x80004003.

Microsoft Store error 0x80004003

If you’ve encountered the “Something Unexpected Happened, Code: 0x80004003” error message, this article will help you understand it.

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Meaning of “Error Code: 0x80004003”

Error Code: 0x80004003 is related to the Microsoft Store app. It often occurs when users try to run, install, or download apps from the Microsoft Store. Some users also report that they experience the error when they try to use the Microsoft Store.

On several occasions, users have reported encountering a Blue Screen of death after this error.

Usually, when users encounter error 0x80004003, it comes with an accompanying message that reads as follows:

“Something unexpected happened, code: 0x80004003,”


“Page could not be loaded. Please try again later. Code: 0x80004003”

Some users say that once the error occurs, they cannot proceed with any other activity, especially when the occurrence leads to a BSOD. Others say that it only affects Microsoft Store or the particular application that they were running.

Whatever happens, error code 0x80004003 can significantly affect your user experience, and you need to fix it as soon as you notice it. But, before you fix it, you need to understand why it’s occurring in the first place.

Causes of Error Code: 0x80004003

If you have encountered the Error 0x80004003 warning on your PC, it’s an indication of a system or operations malfunction. It is a common error in Windows 10.

Error 0x80004003 is one of the many Windows errors that users encounter because of one or a number of the following reasons:

  • Failed or incorrect software installation or uninstallation. This may leave invalid or corrupted registry entries in the system’s elements.
  • System misconfiguration. For instance, if someone with little technical IT knowhow accidentally deletes an essential system file or system element entry, it may cause a system misconfiguration.
  • A poor or unstable network connection can interrupt downloads or uploads.
  • Improper system shutdown because of a power failure or computer error.
  • Malware or virus infection of the computer.
Windows Defender Virus Alert
  • Corrupt registry entries.
  • Using an ingenuine Windows registration key.

Note: These are not the only potential causes of error code 0x80004003. However, they’re the most likely causes.

Ways to Fix “Error Code: 0x80004003” in Windows10

Fortunately, you can be able to fix the error code: 0x80004003 easily. Advanced PC users can fix the error by manually checking and editing system elements. Other users may need to work with a technician to be able to fix the issue.

Many basic solutions like SFC scan or disabling problematic antivirus software may solve this error as well as other Windows update errors like 0x80070002 or 0x80070422.

For a more detailed guide and procedure to fix error code: 0x80004003, read this blog post.

Wrapping Up

Note that any manipulations on Windows system elements carry a significant risk to the operating system. If you’re in any doubt about your technical computer knowhow, we recommend using a special PC repair software to fix the error and repair your PC’s Windows system elements. You won’t require any special computer skills to use such software.

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