Why Windows Could Not Search For New Updates? 0x80070002 Error

Microsoft designed Windows 10 to automatically download and install updates, but users sometimes encounter error 0x80070002 during an update process.

0x80070002 Error

For most Windows users, when the 0x80070002 error occurs, they encounter a message displaying:

“Windows could not search for new updates: error 0x80070002”

Users might encounter this issue when installing Windows 10 Updates, for instance, the KB3200970.

The update may start to download, then begin stalling as soon as it starts installing. Some users also report that the update may also begin installing itself, or reboot your PC, and then uninstall or fail.

Why does Error Code 0x80070002 Occur?

It is important to update your Windows operating system to get the latest improvements and security developments. However, a number of Windows 10 uses have reported encountering a number of issues while updating or installing the Windows Updates, such as the Windows Update “error code 0x80070002.

When this error occurs, the update stops and displays the error message.
In most cases, this error indicates the system has encountered trouble while checking for new Windows Updates. There are several reasons why you may encounter the “Windows could not search for new updates: error 0x80070002,” such as:

  • System errors
  • Corrupted system files
  • Time/date on your PC is synchronized incorrectly
  • Permission issues
  • Faulty Registry
  • Malware or virus infection. In some cases virus check can fix some severe issues like vcredist x64/84 or windows update errors like 0x80070422.
  • Software or application conflicts
  • Hard drive space
  • Application incompatibility, i.e., incompatible third-party software

The most common causes of Windows Update error 0x80070002 are time/date issue, file corruption, or registry problem. The data (date/time) mismatch problem is a key issue to Windows Update.

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070002

Error 0x80070002 can deter your efforts to Update your Windows operating system. You need to fix it so that you can update your system successfully.
Some of the issues that cause error 0x80070002 are easy to fix, while others may need technical computer know-how to eliminate.

Here’s a summary of the solutions that can help you fix Error 0x80070002:

  • Fix time and date settings on your computer
  • Stop Windows Update services. This step can also solve such typical issues like error 0x80070422 or error 0xc0000022.
  • Fix system errors (run SFC scan and DISM scan)
sfc/scannow to stop error 0x80070002
  • Delete the contents temporary files of the software distribution center
  • Disable third-party software and programs, such as firewalls or antivirus programs.
  • Perform clean PC boot
Clean boot Mode to fix 0x80070002 error
  • Remove Windows Update files
  • Run Windows Update troubleshooter

The solutions we’ve highlighted here are some of the best that can help you fix error 0x80070002. You don’t have to use them in that order. Read this blog post about how to fix windows update error 0x80070002 for a detailed guideline, with steps and procedures to help you fix error 0x80070002.

Wrapping Up

We believe that this post has answered your question of why Windows could not search for new updates. Use the solutions provided in this article, and the recommended read to solve the error and continue using your computer without any glitch.

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